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Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit



Improve your smile with the ultimate in teeth whitening!  The Ultimate Whitening Kit contains:

  • pH balanced whitening gel (10cc - 36% Carbamide Peroxide)
  • pre-treatment stain-removing liquid
  • 2 gel trays, and an LED light
  • Also included in the kit is a shade chart to track your progress.

Usage Guideline: Use every other day for two weeks, until you reach your desired shade. After two weeks, use once every 30 days as needed.  For your first treatment, use for 30 minutes, then use for 20 minutes afterwards.


  1. 7th Sep 2014

    Really whitens with no sensitivity!

    I really like this product...it DOES what it says it will do! I have not had any sensitivity problems what so ever! I would really highly recommend this whitening system!! BRAVO for a product that really works!!! TWO THUMBS UP!!!

  2. 7th Sep 2014

    great product...easy to use

    I really like this product...have had whitening from the dentist and find this worked just as well...and it's fast...no leaving it on for an hour at a time. I did have some sensitivity but used sensodyne for a few days and that subsided...now my teeth are white again!! Very happy with this kit.

    Thank you