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Teeth Whitening Pens - (3 Pack)

RRP: $69.00 (You save $60.00)


Our teeth whitening pens are great for maintaining a white smile while on the go. Convenient, portable, and effective our twist-and-brush pre-filled pen is easy to use anytime, anywhere.


  1. 30th Dec 2014

    A Great Whitener

    I have never had my teeth whitened prior to using Smile Kits. I an now in the process of using the actual kit. It is amazing. And I have the whitening pens as a maintenance. I can imagine how nice they will be to continue keeping my teeth white.

  2. 22nd Apr 2014

    easy, easy to use

    In the past I have used gel squeezed into a tray. These pens are so much easier since you can control where the gel is and how much is on each tooth. I put the gel on and used my tray leaving it on only as long as I was in the shower which is less than the recommended 20 min. I have used it twice a couple days apart but can see marked whitening even in such a short time. I really like the ease of use, I am not sure how I would like them without the tray.

    Katy Did